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Elektrik Water was founded by Daniel Miller in 2020 to create a product that would help the body communicate with itself. He lost his father to ALS in 2008 after a six-year struggle.

During this time he studied molecular biology and organic chemistry in a desperate attempt to save his father’s life. This knowledge helped propel him towards creating a formula that is unsurpassed in maintaining proper health and wellness. 

Our mission is to educate the public about the benefits of drinking electricity (antioxidants) in their water and the effective delivery system this water creates for other nutritional supplements.

Ionized alkaline water can deliver products like CBD oil into the bloodstream and cellular matrix super efficiently, better than any other medium! 

This will amplify the benefits to pain reduction, sleeping, and anxiety and act as a force multiplier so less product is needed to achieve the same benefits.  

Elektric Water is permanently committed to producing the best nutritional and health products for the general public.

We will always strive for continual innovation in our science and nutrition to bring the best alkaline water.

A percentage of our proceeds will be donated to help autistic children.

Be Well!”

-Daniel Miller

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